Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cropped up

As a farmer, I'm outstanding in my field


The aviation project let all our dreams take flight.

Not so bright

Dawned upon me why the sun rises. Made my day.


<Submitted by Yuknavell. Thanks!>

A juggler wanted to juggle, but he did not have the balls to do it

(Admin’s note)
He should stop clowning around

Bright ideas

<Submitted by Khairul. Thanks!>

I wanted to go to the toilet at night but my torch was broken on the way. I still went and I was delighted.

(Admin’s note)
Urine trouble


<Submitted by Dayana. Thanks!>

Why did the athlete fall in love with the runner? He found her atracktive.

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Iran before you said that

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Malik hurts

(Text from Aniksha. Thanks~)


A sine wave walked into a bar for irrational numbers cos he was feeling off tangents. When he realised he had entered the wrong bar, he said, “I should get out of here before they log me in”. A voice was heard saying, ” I secant that”.


<Submitted by Daris who heard this pun. Thanks!>

Did you hear about the guys whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.

(Admin's note)
Well, what's left of him?

Situation is heating up

<Submitted by Ragul. Thanks!>

My friend's bakery burnt down last night. Now his business is toast.

(Admin's note)
Will others rise to the occasion to save him from this crummy situation?


<Submitted by Sabrina. Thanks!>

I tried filing a complaint against you but the pencil had no lead... So theres no point

(Admin note~)
I guess you put your argument across rather bluntly


Horses live in simple homes but hay, it is quite stable.


Never work with emo bosses. They will always give you pay cuts.